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Three-Way Rivalry

While multiple rivals are nothing new, in Azurite, the rivalry isn't just one way with you and the others. This rivalry is a competition between three strong Trainers.

Malakai, the ex-Champion of a foreign region, coming to Kuria to seek a challenge.

Marcas, the ambitious and extremely determined Trainer, desiring to become the world's strongest.

And of course you, the Player.

But in the end, there can only be 1 who may challenge the current Kuria Champion! Will it be you, Marcas or Malakai?


"Marcas, the World's Strongest Trainer, that is what I will be known as!

Marcas grew up in a family of success. His grandfather was a Gym Leader and his mother was a "brain" in a region far away. This lead him to grow up wanting to one-up every member of his family by becoming not just successful, but becoming the most powerful Pokémon Trainer in the world.

He uses the rivalry to push his limits way further so that he can constantly get better and constantly have a reason to get even better. He is extremely determined to make this dream come true and claims that he will do anything to make it happen.

And that logo on his shirt... What could that be from?

After a few years of being the Pokémon Champion in a foreign region, Malakai came to the Kuria region to seek challenge. Nothing in his old region stood a chance against him anymore, so he decided to start over completely in search for worthwhile battles once again.

He is extremely arrogant. Due to the years of being unbeaten, he acts like he's some kind of king of battling. With this rivalry, he hopes to find worthwhile battles that bring back the joy in battling once again.

Hmm... A previous Champion seeking a good challenge, starting over in another region, hoping to find it there... Why does that sound so familiar?

"Being the Champion can only be fun if I'm constantly challenged. Challenge, that is why I came here."


The Rivals

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