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Diurnal Pokémon

Unnerve / Hustle / ???

6'11" / 2.1 m

208.6 lbs. / 94.6 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Savark go around forests to find Bug-type Pokémon to devour. Even when not hungry, they spend their entire day hunting bug type prey and fighting other Pokémon.

Savark are extremely savage Pokémon. Startling it would lead to it following you around until one of you is knocked out. Savark are really tall, making them even more threatening. Although this size is usually to scare their prey into submission, since Savark themselves have pretty average stats.

Savark can Unnerve their enemies to make them incapable of eating the berries they have. That way its prey can not fall back to using berries to defeat it. Some Savark have the ability Hustle, which boosts their Attack but makes it harder to hit their enemies. Their hidden ability is currently unknown, but seems to cause a Struggle with their opponents' Grass and Bug-type attacks.


Base forme


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