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Symphonic Pokémon

Static / Soundwave / ???

1'08" / 0.5 m

15.4 lbs. / 7.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Symphy are good hearted, protective Pokémon often found in the forests of the Kuria region. They are very in-tune with their surroundings and can sense electrical occurances long before they happen. They climb to the top of trees and sing in harmony with other Symphy to warn the Pokémon of the forest of incoming storms.

They're commonly owned by popular idols and contest stars and were debated to be banned from contests in Hoenn due to their performance being perceived as unfair by the judges. This is due to Symphy naturally being entertainers. They love the spotlight and showing off their musical talents and outstanding vocal abilities. In shows, it won't stop until everyone in the room, no matter how big, is having a good time listening to its songs and will improve drastically in a short timespan to make this happen.

Symphy's Static protects it from incoming attacks that make physical contact by sometimes Paralyzing the user of the attack. Its new ability, Soundwave, allows its Sound-type attacks to very rarely lower the opponent's Defense and Special Defense. It is currently unknown what exactly its Hidden Ability does, but the same strange effect is found to be caused by some Kikro.


Base Forme

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