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Thief Pokémon

Pickpocket / Prankster / ???

1'08" / 0.5 m

29.8 lbs. / 13.5 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Trickgrin, the thief Pokémon. Trickgrin are found in various areas of the Kuria Region but usually only at night.

Trickgrin is capable of stealing entire living rooms worth of furniture at once. They carry around these weird bags that they were born with weirdly enough. These bags seem to have some mystical property, as it can absorb furniture way bigger than it and never gets full. On one occasion, one Trickgrin even managed to rob an entire village of their belongings without much help.

Trickgrin are also natural rivals to the generous Pokémon, Delibird. They can often be found in places that have been visited by Delibird so that they can snatch all the presents the Delibird gives. Because of this, the Delibird of the Kuria region are often smart enough to leave a trap for the Trickgrin.

Interestingly enough, the eye on Trickgrin's belly seems to have a mind of its own. Because of the way it usually looks, it is believed that the eye disapproves of Trickgrin's antics. 


Base Forme

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