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The New Types!

The Type Chart, see the effectiveness!

F.A.Q. about the new types

Why add new types?

One of the biggest critiques of Pokémon is that it hasn't changed in years. While we do think it is honestly fine the way it is, with Azurite, we wanted to make it feel different and fresh, without changing the gameplay formula too much. This and the new types merely add another layer of depth.

<Insert Type> seems overpowered/too weak?

Initially, there may be issues with the new types, but we plan on balancing it as much as we can. While the type advantages/disadvantages is mostly related to logic rather than balance, if a type is proven to be way too powerful or weak compared to others, we'll change them.

How is Crystal even a type?

Because it's not normal Crystals. Crystal is merely what refers to a unique ancient power that benefits many Pokémon through Crystallization. The type consists of an energy that solidifies into a crystalline forme, this being why it is known as Crystal.

New Types

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