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Clouded Pokémon

 3'03" / 1.0 m

56.2 lbs. / 25.5 kg

Aerilate / Cloud Nine / Weather Benefit

Evolutions & Formes

Base forme

"Reach the clouds"

Typheon are very rarely found in the wild. When they are, they'll be found in the clouds flying around with other Pokémon!

They're often very calm, spending most of their days watching the clouds. When it finds a specific cloud it really likes, it chases that cloud non-stop. Once in the clouds, they keep finding other clouds they really like and can't focus on one anymore. Guess you could say they have their heads in the clouds!

Eevee evolves into Typheon in a specific location in the Kuria Region. The story goes that it evolves "when it reaches the clouds as an Eevee". Perhaps the people of Kutei Village will know more?

Typheon are pretty frail but very strong in Special Attack and also very fast. Aerilate boosts their Flying-type attacks and turns Normal-type attacks into Flying-type attacks. This is hugely beneficial combined with moves like Hyper Beam, but some Typehon have Cloud Nine instead, protecting them from the effects of the weather.


Some Typheon have the ability known as Weather Benefit. These Typheon seem to act differently depending on the weather and get some kind of boost depending on what the weather is, making it very good for any weather team!




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