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Winners of the 2015 Holiday Challenge!

Plate Body

Yes it's a physical version of the Assault Vest item.

By far the most requested item.

Choice Scope

Moves with 70 accuracy or higher will never miss, but

the holder will be locked into that move.

100% Accuracy moves have a higher crit chance.

Idea by Noah the Pangolin, @ShadowHex99

Crushing Hammer

All of the user's attacks will reduce the PP of a move

used last by the opponent or at random if it has yet

to use any move by 4pp..

Item idea by @UltimateAbsol

Quick Switch

Allows you to switch out to another Pokémon and

immediately use a move with that Pokémon.

Only usable once per battle.

Item idea by PKMN-254, @PKMN254

Gloom Perfume

Other Trainers will ignore you for 150 steps, unless

talked to. Does not bypass scripted battles.

Item idea by SparkedFires, @SparkedFires

Prismatic Ball

A Poké Ball with a 2,5x catch rate. The color on top is

determined by the Pokémon's Primary Type.

Idea by CastleBuilder, @CastleBuilder36

Revenge Belt

If the user gets hit by a Critical Hit, the user's next

attack is guaranteed to be a Critical Hit as well.

Idea by BERGMITE, @IcyEthics

Spritzee Perfume

For 200 steps, wild Pokémon will be significantly

more common.

Idea by WubbaG. @Wubba_G

Psycho Ball

A Poké Ball with a 4x catch rate against Pokémon that

are confused, to reward taking a risk.

Idea by Rycar (Carson), @RycarFlareshine

New Items

Crystal Hammer

All of the user's moves are Super Effective against

Crystal-type Pokémon.

Idea by Zaazaa0, @Zaazaa0

Great Shield

Guarantees the success of a consecutive protection

move (like using Protect/Detect twice in a row) but

takes away the chance of a third one.

Idea by Pikachu Pizza, @PikachuPizza

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