Join the Team!


Join us in making this game! If you have any particular skills that you think would be helpful, please do apply!

Check below for more info!

What we currently need most:


--Trainer Sprites!!

--Tileset Spriters (Overworld)

--Background and Environment Sprites!


--Sprite Animators (5th gen style)

--Move Animators


--Ruby RGSS1


--Any language could help, doesn't hurt to apply if you're good with code!

-SFX Creators

Feel free to apply if you have any other talents that you think can help!

Couple of things to keep in mind before applying:

1. Payment

Unfortunately we won't be able to provide payment for those helping with the project.

This is a non-profit fan made project, and thus there is no way to compensate those who are willing to help financially.

Were we to profit of this project, we'd surely get taken down. This project is purely out of love.

2. Spoilers

Due to the inclusion of all Pokémon content in Pokémon Azurite, there will be spoilers for new games during development, as we try to include whatever new appears in the official games.

3. Length of Development

Even we don't know how long it will take to complete the project. Due to the non-profit nature, many developers are busy with school/work while working on the project. So be sure you're okay with it taking a while to develop.

4. Couple of things you (might) need as a developer

First off you'll need to have a Dropbox account for convenient file sharing with the other developers.

Secondly you'll need Discord, a communications platform we use to discuss development and just to chat in general.

Thirdly if you're applying for Coder you'll need A copy of RPG Maker XP. This is the game's engine, and is coded in Ruby. Knowledge of this is nearly essential for Coders, but if you're a master of programming it's not the most difficult to pick up! No one else will need this. We're also looking for other coders for things like C or Node.js!

Join the team!


Pokémon Azurite is a non-profit fan-based tribute game to the Pokémon franchise.

Pokémon is owned by The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures™. We do not claim to have the right to the Pokémon games, series or anything tied to the Pokémon name.

Please support the official releases.