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The Kuria Region

Where Pride is born.

One of the youngest regions in the entire world, yet also one of the most succesful. The Kuria region is a region of pride. All of its citizens are proud of their region, and for good reason.

Kuria is known for its beauty and power and especially known for housing this new phenomenon called

Crystallization, which some believe to be the next step towards improving the entire Pokémon World!

Not only that, but Kuria is known to also house many powerful Pokémon. The lands are ripe with new Pokémon and new areas to explore! 









The Pokémon League

As is common in the Pokémon World, the Kuria region has its own established Pokémon League, with the Badges being made to represent Kuria. With a teal, metal outline and the insides filled with marvelous gemstones to represent the region's crystal nature.

However, unlike some Gym Leaders in other regions, every Gym Leader in the Kuria region has to be approved by the Kuria Region's curator. Most of these Gym Leaders have deep history rooted in this region as a result.

Kuria's League is also known to be one of the more powerful leagues in the world, with some even being capable of using the infamously powerful techniques known as Mega Evolution and/or Crystallization.

Kuria's Elites

The Kuria region is a big, powerful region. Thus there need to be elites to keep it from getting out of control.

The Protector, who dedicates his life to protecting the region that has given him a chance.

The Keeper, who makes sure everything in Kuria is in order.

The Technician, who dedicates all his time to improving the region even further.

The Connector, who handles Kuria's relations with the other regions.

The one above all is the Curator, Aiden. He is almost as old as the region itself and is the son of the founding father of Kuria. He has dedicated his existence purely to making sure that the Kuria region remains the proud region it always was. It is unknown how he has achieved to live so long. Some think it's a blessing, others think he just found an extremely healthy way of living. The truth is that only Aiden knows and refuses to say what causes this seems-to-be immortality.

The Kuria Region

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