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Kurian Spiritomb

Galaxy Pokémon

A-Void / Zero Gravity

3'03" / 1.0 m

238.1 lbs. / 108.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

The Kuria region's variant of Spiritomb. Although, they are not from Kuria, but rather from space, so technically they should be called "Spacial" Spiritomb? They are called Kurian because they come back to our world almost exclusively through the Kuria Region.

Every so often, a spirit inside a normal Spiritomb has a dream. A dream to take to the sky and see the world beyond the planet. This spirit then leaves the others and visits many planets, collecting spirits from all over the universe. After a while, they become this new extraterrestrial variant of Spiritomb.

Kurian Spiritomb has a great Special Attack to boot, but its real power comes from its two new abilities.

A-Void is especially powerful. Special Attacks are less likely to hit Spiritomb because of it. 

Zero Gravity  is not so much for itself, since it is already immune to Ground moves. But this ability makes it so that allies also become immune to Ground-type moves, shutting down Ground-type Pokémon entirely as long as Kurian Spiritomb is on the field.

Kurian Spiritomb

Kurian Variant

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