One of the types a lot people expect to be real one day is the Light Type, to be the polar opposite of Dark Type. So the inclusion of this type was a no-brainer.

However, Light Type is more than that. In Azurite, Light Type focus more on support and recovery. While there are still enough offensive options for Light Type Pokémon, you'll find that their niche is more based around supporting other Pokémon or themselves, being unmatched in the recovery category.



Super Effective against:


Resisted by:


Incapable of damaging:






Weak against:


Strongly resists:


Immune To:


Re-typed Older Pokémon


154. Meganium = Grass/Light

170. Chinchou = Water/Light

171. Lanturn = Water/Light

179. Mareep = Light/Electric

180. Flaaffy = Light/Electric

181. Ampharos = Light/Electric

181-M. Ampharos = Light/Dragon

192. Sunflora = Grass/Light

313. Volbeat = Bug/Light

314. Illumise = Bug/Light

602. Tynamo = Electric/Light

603. Eelektrik = Electric/Light

604. Eelektross = Electric/Light

695. Heliolisk = Electric/Light

716. Xerneas = Fairy/Light

796. Xurkitree = Electric/Light

800. Dusk Mane Necrozma = Light/Steel

800. Dawn Wings Necrozma = Light/Ghost

800. Ultra Necrozma = Light/Dragon

Light Type