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One of the types a lot people expect to be real one day is the Light-type, to be the polar opposite of Dark-type. So the inclusion of this type was a no-brainer.

However, Light-type is more than that. In Azurite, Light-type focus more on support and recovery. While there are still enough offensive options for Light-type Pokémon, you'll find that their niche is more based around supporting other Pokémon or themselves, being unmatched in the recovery category.


Super Effective against:

Resisted by:

Incapable of damaging:



Weak against:

Strongly resists:

Immune To:

Re-typed Older Pokémon

154. Meganium = Grass/Light

170. Chinchou = Water/Light

171. Lanturn = Water/Light

179. Mareep = Light/Electric

180. Flaaffy = Light/Electric

181. Ampharos = Light/Electric

181-M. Ampharos = Light/Dragon

192. Sunflora = Grass/Light

313. Volbeat = Bug/Light

314. Illumise = Bug/Light

602. Tynamo = Electric/Light

603. Eelektrik = Electric/Light

604. Eelektross = Electric/Light

695. Heliolisk = Electric/Light

716. Xerneas = Fairy/Light

796. Xurkitree = Electric/Light

800. Dusk Mane Necrozma = Light/Steel

800. Dawn Wings Necrozma = Light/Ghost

800. Ultra Necrozma = Light/Dragon

Light Type

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