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An audible type for Pokémon with full control over the sounds they make. It has gone unnamed for long, but studies showed these moves were stronger against some Pokémon for no readily apparent reason, thus the Sound Type was discovered.

Sound-types are made for breaking through defenses, with their unique ability to bypass Substitutes and Protect

(not Detect). However, you'll find that many types clash with Sound-type.


Super Effective against:

Resisted by:

Incapable of damaging:


Weak against:

Strongly resists:

Immune To:

Re-typed Older Pokémon

293. Whismur = Sound

294. Loudred = Sound

295. Exploud = Sound

358. Chimecho = Sound/Mystic

401. Kricketot = Bug/Sound

402. Kricketune = Bug/Sound

433. Chingling = Sound

441. Chatot = Sound/Flying

648-A. Meloetta = Sound/Psychic

648-P Meloetta = Sound/Fighting

714. Noibat = Sound/Flying

715. Noivern = Sound/Dragon

Sound Type

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