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Team Vitreus

There are cultures that always try to reach perfection. Even if it seems impossible, what matters to them is the pursuit. To be the best possible. Team Vitreus takes it a step further.

Team Vitreus is determined to make the world perfect no matter what stands in their way. 

Team Vitreus is made of Pokémon veterans seeking to reach their idea of Perfection. While each member may have a different vision of perfection and a different reason to want it, they all agree on one thing. 

Perfection must be reached, and it will be reached with the help of their leaders.

To even join this team, one must have challenged the Elite Four of a region.

Perfection will be achieved, no matter the cost!

The Elite Four

No, not the Pokémon League's Elite Four. VITREUS ELITE 4

Only below the Vitreus Child and the Vitreus Leader, the Vitreus Elite Four are the ones behind all of the operations. Each specializing in something different, each having their own ideals but with two things in common.

An unstoppable talent for Pokémon Battling and unbreakable loyalty to the cause.


The Spiteful Wonderboy

First of the Vitreus Elite Four and the youngest of the group, Quartz. 

By far the most morally questionable of the four, he gets livid extremely quickly and will not rest until the cause of his anger regrets ever standing in his way. 

After a horrible accident in his childhood, Quartz has lost all hearing and without a device specifically made for him, he wouldn't be able to hear anything.

Before then, Quartz was always trying to be people's friend despite often being mocked for being somewhat weird. After the loss of his hearing, he considered that the only way to achieve justice in this world is by achieving perfection so that he could use his perfection for revenge on the world.


Mistress of Manipulation

Perhaps one of the most ambiguous member in all of Vitreus, her only goal seems to be to make the world more beautiful and shiny. That and she loves the idea of being able to command the world around for her own amusement.

Amber has always been manipulative, ever since her youth where she would get boys to do her bidding. Even if some people declined, her skill in battle often proved to be enough for them to be unable to say no.

This manipulation is why she was brought into Vitreus in the first place. She has a talent for manipulating people, men especially, to do anything she wants them to do. Including joining Team Vitreus and commit atrocities in order to achieve Vitreus' goals.


Enormous brain in a small package.

From a poor family in the slums of a city in Unova to one of the smartest inventors in the Pokémon World, Beryl is behind all the technology of Team Vitreus.

Even in his youth with his limited resources, he built great inventions to mess with people. But his true potential wasn't seen until he was discovered by his business partner and best friend, Almand. In Double Battles, the two are almost unstoppable.

While he is extremely loyal to the cause, unlike other Grunts, Admins and Elites he won't just blindly follow everything. However, this skepticism only made the leader trust him more, knowing that he would not let the cause fail.


Rich personality and richer bank account

Almand is the one behind a huge chunk of the funding of Vitreus.

He lead his life as one of the most lucky people on the planet, with all his wealth coming from insane luck and skill in gambling. 

He then started to invest in businesses but wanted to start his own. He met Beryl and they became a huge success together. With Almand's business mind and Beryl's genius, they would become an infamous duo.

Almand joined Vitreus for an unknown reason, with his only explanation to Beryl being "Sometimes there are things money can't buy, and Vitreus has exactly what I truly want." Without hesitation, he joined the team per the leader's request and Beryl followed him into the team.


Perfection's disciple

From the Torren region to the Kuria region, Taen follows his idea of perfection to the end of the world.

In the Torren region, he was one of the Perfection Cult, lead by Reukra. Not only is he an excellent Pokémon Trainer, but he was capable of controlling the legends of the Unova region, a feat only few have managed. 

He has now joined Team Vitreus as the promise of true perfection, of a power greater than Unova's Dragons, was promised to him in the form of Crystallizations.


While not part of the Vitreus Elite Four, he seems to be heavily involved in a Vitreus Project relating to both Crystallization and Mega Evolution. 


-Taen is from another Pokémon Fangame, Pokémon Insurgence.

Stay Tuned!

More to come!

Team Vitreus

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