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Every great Trainer came from somewhere, and it's only fitting that the player came from her.

Sheryl raised the player to be a great trainer from birth, yet is overprotective as well. Most of her time is spent preparing the player for the real world and teaching them what she learned in her own adventures.

She loves adventuring but eventually gave up that life. It is unknown to people what exactly caused this but after the player's father disappeared, she's been a lot more careful. 

Unlike most parents, she spends her own free time battling people. Her battling skills have even been acknowledged by Kuria's own elites.

A special Trickgrin that has caused a lot of trouble in the Kuria region, so much so that he's one of the few Trickgrin to ever appear on the news.

He stands out because of his patchwork hood and bag, long ears and differently colored eyes. Originally it was thought to be a Shiny Pokémon, but then actual Shiny Trickgrin were found and that idea was quickly dashed.

One thing is for sure, he's no ordinary Trickgrin. While almost all Trickgrin only care about stealing, Patches seems to also love attention and seems to actually like people as well... Though not enough to not be an annoying little imp.


Stay Tuned!

More to come! 

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