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Baby Bird Pokémon

1'00" / 0.3 m

3.1 lbs./1.4 kg

Early Bird / Keen Eye / ???

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme


Azuling is one of the most cheerful Pokémon in the world. They live a calm life and have no worries at all.

This is partially due to their high intelligence making it easy to outsmart any threat, even ones that ambush out of nowhere. Azuling often avoids conflict since it doesn't care much for it and will only act if it truly feels like it is really necessary. Because of this, Azuling are known to be disobedient in battle, but will listen to trainers it trusts to make the right decisions.

Early Bird allows Azuling to wake up much quicker after falling asleep and Keen Eye makes sure Azuling nothing will lower its Accuracy. It's said to have a hidden ability that makes it easier to hit targets as well.



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