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Crystal Crawdaunt

Rogue Pokémon

Rapid Stream

3'11" / 1.2 m

103.2 lbs. / 46.8 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 30


The Crystallization of the Rogue Pokémon, Crawdaunt. Its body becomes covered in crystal armor to protect itself from other threats.

The first encounter with Crystal Crawdaunt was nothing short of a bloodbath, to the point where some regions were thinking of outlawing them entirely. Something enraged the Crawdaunt so much that it attacked everyone in sight, both human and Pokémon. It was later discovered that this was merely the result of an awful Trainer. In some regions, you need to even have a license to be allowed to use Crystal Crawdaunt, just so they can avoid another atrocity.

Crystal Crawdaunt are obviously extremely vicious. It uses its new armor to tank through attacks without care, just so it can counter attack immediately. These claws are strong enough to even tear through Golisopod easily, which it frequently does to assert dominance.

But the biggest factor in Crystal Crawdaunt's power is its ability, Rapid Stream. Rapid Stream allows for all of its Water-type Attacks to have priority. Luckily, without priority it is rather slow. So you better bring something to stop its Priority Attacks or Crystal Crawdaunt will be a nightmare to battle.

Crystal Crawdaunt

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