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Crystal Jirachi

Wish Pokémon

Serene Grace

1'00" / 0.3 m

2.4 lbs. / 1.1 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Hoenn's Wish Pokémon has always been an interesting one. It is said to be able to grant wishes, yet the way it grants wishes is through teleportation of objects and only some normal wishes can be granted, but it doesn't seem possible for Jirachi to actually grant ALL wishes. Some wishes are simply out of its range.

That is where Crystal Jirachi comes in. With the Crystal Energy of the legendary Crystal Pokémon, it is now much more capable as the Wish Pokémon, being able to grant any wish. The only downside seems to be that really big wishes will return Jirachi to its base forme right after the wish is granted. But is that truly a downside worth mentioning when this Pokémon can make any wish come true?

In recorded history, Crystal Jirachi was spotted only once. A Jirachi arrived at Mossdeep and suddenly started glowing, then Crystallizing into Crystal Jirachi. The first wish that was granted on that day was made by a perverted man who wished for women's underwear. 

Both base forme and Crystal Jirachi have a new typing which is the Cosmic-type, known for its otherworldly properties only found outside of the Pokémon World. Coupling those otherworldly properties with Crystallization and its ability, Serene Grace, it can be quite a pain to deal with. On top of that, Jirachi's defenses get a nice bonus while Crystallized, meaning that taking it down will be even tougher.

Crystal Jirachi

Base Forme


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