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Crystal Starmie

Mysterious Pokémon

Storm Drain

3'07" / 1.1 m

176.4 lbs. / 80.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Water Stone


One of the first Crystallizations seen by humans was found during a diving expedition in the deep waters of the Kanto region, where a bright glow emerged and the divers quickly swam towards it. There they found weird looking Starmie and brought a couple home and they were studied for a day by Kanto's Professor. At first it was thought to be a new evolution for Starmie, since it turned out to be significantly more powerful than a regular Starmie.

For a short time, these Starmie were dubbed "Starima" until they turned back into regular Starmie, which only raised curiousity even more, but confirmed that it was not an evolution but rather a new forme of Starmie. However, one of the divers kept one of the Starmie that crystallized for the short period and named it "Starima" to remember the strange discovery.

Since more was discovered about these new formes, the Legendary Crystal Pokémon was believed to be found in Kanto, but the search for it ultimately brought no results. It is believed that it was in Kanto during the day Crystal Starmie was discovered.

As mentioned before, Crystal Starmie is all around an improvement on regular Starmie. It becomes faster and somewhat more defensive while also getting a lot more powerful in its Special Attack stat.

With the Storm Drain ability, it is a good idea to set it up to absorb all Water-type Attacks to boost its Special Attack. This is especially useful in Double and Triple battles where it absorbs ALL Water-type Attacks, meaning it'll get multiple boosts at once if it's set up just right to take many Water-type attacks.

Crystal Starmie

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