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Crystal Weavile

Sharp Claw Pokémon


3'11" / 1.2 m

92.6 lbs. / 42.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Lvl+ at night w/ Razor Claw


Crystallizations have a varying effect on the mental state of a Pokémon, even harsher than regular evolution. One of the biggest examples of this change is with Crystal Weavile.

Weaviles that Crystallize are often exiled from the rest of the group as the leading Weavile Chieftain fears the power of a Crystal Weavile. However, due to the change in Crystal Weavile's mentality, this more often than not ends in a brutal fight between the Weavile Chieftain and the Crystal Weavile, often until one of them faints or passes.

The Crystal Energy clearly affects the way Crystal Weavile thinks, as instead of being a mischievous attacker, it goes all out in every attack. It is one of the best mixed attackers in the world, but its defense is extremely extremely low.  However, it is incredibly fast, making it pretty tough to take it out easily. You'd have to set it up so that Weavile loses HP constantly or you knock it out in 1 hit, or it will be able to destroy your team.

This is mostly due to its new ability, Berserker (not to be confused with the ability Berserk) which makes it even stronger the lower its HP is. At exactly 1 HP, Berserker will cause all of Crystal Weavile's attacks to double in power. This coupled with the fact that it can learn the move Endure means you'll have to be prepared for Crystal Weavile, or fighting it will absolutely devastate your team.

Crystal Weavile

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