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Croak Pokémon

Torrent / ???

1'08" / 0.5 m

10.6 lbs. / 4.8 kg

Base Forme

Evolutions & Formes

Kikro are found deep in lakes and swamps where they often just lay around doing nothing the entire day. You can tell you're getting closer to a Kikro nest when you hear a loud sound get louder and louder.

Kikro love being mischievous, often causing trouble around their habitat or even in big cities. They're often the cause of mass noise complaints, leading city forces to go after them, usually in vain as they leave before they're found just to mess with people. When they're not being mischievous or lazy, they like entertaining other Pokémon with other Sound Type Pokémon.

They use their vocal sac to keep way trespassers and intimidate foes, with the croaks being loud enough to deafen people and Pokémon alike.  Their Sound-type attacks may sometimes linger to make them even more powerful.

Kikro, Water Starter

Level 36


Level 16

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