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Kurian Magikarp

Fish Pokémon

Intimidate / Swift Swim / Moxie

2'11" / 0.9 m

22.0 lbs. / 10.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Level 20 (Normal)

Level 36 (Kurian)

Mega Evolution

Kurian Variant

A variant of Magikarp only found in the Kuria region. In ancient Kuria, the waters were extremely harsh, so some families of Magikarp have taken a different form on birth. This allows for some of the power of its evolution to be accessed immediately so they could survive.

While normal Magikarp are still plenty, sometimes these rare Magikarp are still found, despite the waters of Kuria being a lot calmer than they were thousands of years ago. These Magikarp are way more powerful than normal, but also evolve later than normal.

While the end result is the same as normal Magikarp by eventually evolving into a normal Gyarados, only Kurian Magikarp can learn the new powerful Physical Water-type Attack, "Tidal Splash". This move allows it to attack with a powerful splash that also makes it rain. Combining this with Swift Swim makes it pretty powerful.

Kurian Magikarp

Base Forme

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