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Kurian Minun

Cheering Pokémon

Subtraction / Infiltrator / Rivalry

3'03" / 1.0 m

13.2 lbs. / 6.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

The Kuria region's variant of Minun. In the Kuria region, some Minun take a different path in life, wishing to be mischievous little tricksters, tricking any Trainers they can find.

Kurian Minun use their new powers for trickery. While they mean no malice, many Trainers have lost items or even Pokéballs with Pokémon in them. Luckily, the Kurian Minun often feel guilt, so they return the items after getting tired of tricking the Trainer.

They are found in the wild, often near Trickgrin for they are natural friends. A Trickgrin and a Kurian Minun are a scary duo, for their tricks truly know no end. Be cautious when approaching these Minun!

However, because Kurian Plusle and Kurian Minun took different paths, their relation turns into a rivalry. Whereas Plusle only wants to help everyone, Minun wants to trick everyone. Because of this, they sometimes clash and battle each other.

Their ability, Subtraction is a special version of Minus. Allies no longer require to have "Plus" as an ability for the effect to take place, but the effect is therefore weakened. But allies also lose one of their weaknesses!

Kurian Minun

Kurian Variant

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