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Symphonic Pokémon

Soothing Shine

1'04" / 0.4 m

3.1 lbs. / 1.4 kg


Evolutions & Formes

Lumeny is a very gentle mythical Pokémon who prefers not to battle, but rather to help other creatures.

The soothing light coming from its antenna and tails give a warm feeling that can make any Pokémon and even people feel a lot better. 

Lumeny's very power stems from the ability to heal. It is said to be able to heal any wound, any disease, just absolutely everything. As long as the person Lumeny tries to heal hasn't already passed away, it will succeed in healing them fully. The only thing Lumeny can't heal are death and disorders caused by aging.

The downside is that the healing may take its toll on Lumeny itself. While healing 1-5 creatures is easy for it, if an entire island requires its healing, it can tire itself out to the point where it may fall asleep for many, many years.

Lumeny perhaps has one of the most gentle abilities of all Pokémon. Soothing Shine, which heals itself and its allies every turn. Even more so in sunlight. In addition, its signature move, Soothing Gleam, heals itself and allies for 50% of their health, but it will have to recharge on the next turn. If it only has to heal itself in Single Battles, Soothing Gleam will simply act like Recover, with no recharge. Because of this, Lumeny is extremely dangerous in that it does an excellent job ensuring your Pokémon will not be knocked out. But this may make Lumeny the primary target.



Base Forme

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