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Crystal Vespiquen

Beehive Pokémon

Hive Mind

3'11" / 1.2 m

113.5 lbs. / 51.5 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 21, Female Only


Royal Honey, Male Only

Ever since Crystallizations spread around the Kuria Region, the lives of the hives of Vespiquen have changed. Usually, Vespiquen would stay behind in battles and let her servants do the battles for her, but not anymore.

Crystal Vespiquen is a queen of war, using Bug-type Pokémon to not only fight for her, but make her stronger. There used to be far more hives around the Kuria region until one Vespiquen discovered how to Crystallize with a Crystal Shard she found. The opposing hives didn't stand a chance and were promptly destroyed, with their workers now work for the Great Hives. While nowadays, Vespiquen are still more often in their normal forme, most Vespiquen in the Kuria region now hold a Crystal Shard in case they need to fight for themselves.

In the past, the Crystal Vespiquen would use their newfound power to threaten humans as well, but since then Mega Evolution and Crystallization gave the humans a power to fight back. Nowadays, the Great Hives and humanity live together in peace, but the Great Hives may only be accessed by people they trust.

In battle, Crystal Vespiquen is an all-around improvement on regular Vespiquen, with the exception for HP and Speed. Its Defense and Special Defense allow it to take a couple of hits, but it really shines with the new ability, Hive Mind. If the user's team has more Bug-type Pokémon, Crystal Vespiquen will get significantly stronger. Crystal Vespiquen becomes a really powerful threat if the trainer has an all-bug team.

But of course, a team that shares a type will mean that moves which are Super Effective against Bug-type Pokémon can shut down the entire team. Be sure you're prepared to cover those weaknesses if you plan to use Crystal Vespiquen!

Crystal Vespiquen

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