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Kurian Leavanny

Magician Pokémon

3'11" / 1.2 m

45.2 lbs. / 20.5 kg

Magician / Magic Bounce / Deceptive

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

High Friendship

The evolution of Kurian Swadloon. These Pokémon are only used by the most adoring of Trainers!

These magical Leavanny love using their Mystic and Ghost moves to entertain all creatures alike, but due to their Ghost-type, many are too afraid to watch. Because of it, these Leavanny tend to cling to Trainers who give them admiration.

A Kurian Leavanny once performed a magical show in Cantabile City, but it accidentally teleported the entire show dome away to the Alola region. Luckily, it managed to teleport it back, too.

Kurian Swadloon gets a new ability for its Hidden Ability. "Deceptive". This is a very unique ability and only certain Mystic-type Pokémon can have it. This changes the user's natural weaknesses, making them no longer weak to that but instead weak to Grass, Fire and Water-type attacks.

Kurian Leavanny

Lvl 20 w/ Mystic move

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