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14th of February, 2020 - Happy Valentines Day!

Welcome back to our first blog update on Valentine’s in three years! While we don’t have anything to reveal Pokémon wise today, we can talk about the latest developments on the game and show off a neat thing or two.


First, I’m currently in the process of moving into my first home (I’m Sleepy btw) and so while I haven’t had much time to develop lately we’ve had a lot of technological development thanks to our very own Thundamoo! We have a lot of cool moves being added to the game that we can’t wait to show off in due time, and he’s a big part of that! So everyone gotta appreciate Thundamoo! Send him some valentines!


Next, music is moving steadily along as well and we actually have something new to show off today! It’s the theme for inside the Clock Tower found in Tomeina, which we have shown off in previous updates. Like many of the choice spots found in Tomeina, the clock tower can be a very romantic spot to be! We can’t wait for you all to see it for yourself! Hope you like the song :)


Like always, I’ll reassert that we are not making a demo and are going to release the game as a finished product with as much testing as possible. Because of the scope of our game, it’s still going to be some time while we continue building it but the pieces are coming together and we really can’t wait for you to see all this has to offer! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time! Oh, and don’t forget if you are a talented individual we’d love to have you on the team helping out! We are currently looking for overworld tile artists, trainer sprite artists and general sprite artists!


Thanks again, love you all and have a fantastic VALENTINES DAY!!


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Bailey Edwards
Bailey Edwards
Apr 27, 2021

I feel like we are going to be waiting a while


Poke Dans Bae
Poke Dans Bae
Apr 05, 2021

any sort of estimate on the game release. Like will we be waiting a few months or like 2 years


David Nwikwu
David Nwikwu
May 13, 2023
Replying to

i hate ou

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