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Azurite Changes Poll Results!

We're happy to announce the poll results! Thanks to everyone who voted and gave their suggestions! Let's go over some of the changes, shall we?

We had a stunning 404 RESULTS from the poll! That's amazing!

91.3% of all people were fine with changing Pokémon Stats!

94.6% of all people were fine with changing Pokémon's abilities!

Didn't expect it to be such a vast majority that would want these changes!

We don't plan on changing that much of anything. Weak and strong Pokémon play into the real world aspect of Pokémon.

What the current plan is for stat/ability changes:

A new slot for Abilities! Adding a third natural or second hidden ability will allow us to add something new without removing the old!

But when it comes to stat changes, we're going to avoid changing a large amount. If we deem it necessary for the game, we'll bump up one or two.

At most, we'll up the BST by 10 if truly necessary.

Now for the suggestions!

A lot of great suggestions were given on the poll! As such, here are a few we can confirm or say we'll be considering! If yours isn't mentioned, don't worry. That doesn't automatically mean they're denied. Potentially, something of the sorts is already happening but we just cannot talk about everything yet.


-Movepool changes for Pokémon to give many Pokémon more ways to play.

-A new form of Shiny. This has been in the works for a long time, but we can not quite reveal what it is just yet.

-Replayability issues are addressed! We have quite a few ways that makes playthroughs unique!

-Changes to Shiny Variants of already existing Pokémon. We'll definitely give more Pokémon better shinies! However old shinies will still exist as well.

-There will be a way to up IVs, we can not tell you how yet.

-All starters will get something, not just the Kanto Starters. Saw a lot of people worried about that, but don't worry! We're not forgetting the other ones!


-Z-Moves. We'd like to include them, but a big part of Z-Moves is their ludicrous animations. We're not sure if we can achieve that in 2D. We'd definitely like to implement them however!

-Type changes for older Pokémon that don't involve the new typings. We don't plan on doing this. But don't worry, there's a lot of retyped mons with new typings!

-Different ways to get Egg/Breeding moves or in general ways to improve Breeding

Thank you everybody!


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