Kurian Bounsweet


Fruit Pokémon

0.3m / 1'00"

0.4kg / 0.8lbs

Pixilate / Infiltrator / Magic Bounce

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Learn Triple Kick

The Kurian form of Bounsweet. They often hang out with normal Bounsweet in an attempt to blend in and attract trainers who might think it's actually a Shiny Bounsweet.

These Bounsweet are a lot more sinister. They're very friendly and love making friends and bring them to their homes. It is not known if Bounsweet knows the fate of the friends it makes, but it never seems to bother them anyway when they disappear.

Some suspect that their friendly behavior might be a deception to lure people and Pokémon. Even their very typing is extremely deceptive.

To add to the deception, it has the ability Pixilate, to make all of its Normal type moves turn into Fairy type. Their fairy typing is necessary for their deception, since less people would expect a Fairy type to be sinister.

Some Bounsweet are instead born with Infiltrator to bypass several defensive moves. But some very rare Bounsweet instead have their hidden ability, Magic Bounce.

Kurian Bounsweet


Level 18

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