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Kurian Hitmontop

Whirling Pokémon

4'07" / 1.4 m

105.8 lbs. / 48.0 kg

Whirlpool Style / Water Veil / Swift Swim

Evolutions & Formes

Lvl 25, but...

Lvl 25, but...

Lvl 25, but...

The evolution of Kurian Tyrogue that brings out it's inner Aquatic Potential, making it the master of the Whirlpool Style.

It is the primary cause of whirlpools in Kuria. If you see one, you know a Kurian Hitmontop is nearby. But even outside the water, it'll cause vortexes that can cover small towns.

With their whirlpools, they often sink ships. The sunken ships then get turned into their homes and dojos, so that other Water-type Pokémon can train with them.

Its Whirlpool Style ability makes Hitmontop spin like crazy, meaning that any Water-type attack used causes a Whirlpool that the opponent has to endure.

It also has a move known as Vortex, a Water-type attack that also removes Entry Hazards!

The specifics of its evolution are unknown, but it seems to be caused in response of a need in one's team. Specifically, it seems to evolve to be an ally to those known as "Starter Pokémon."

Kurian Hitmontop


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