All new items in one!


Crystal Fragment


An item of a legendary ancient Pokémon.

Allows those elligible to Crystallize to take a new form

and with it, achieve new power.


Royal Honey


Sweet honey carried often by male Combee.

This honey is seen as an order of a Vespiquen. The

holder of Royal Honey will be able to combine with

other Combee to achieve Guard Forme.


Light Battery


An item to be held by Plusle and Minun.

Raises the Attack and Special Attack for the holder

and allied Pokémon when hit by an Electric Attack.

(Also teaches new-bred Plusle/Minun 'Volt Attract')


Light Goggles


An item to be held by Emolga.

Increases Attack and Special Attack and increases

damage done by Electric and Flying type attacks.

(Also teaches new-bred Emolga 'Volt Crash')


Light Seed


An item to be held by Dedenne. Once-per-battle use.

Fairy and Electric type moves are boosted immensely

and are given priority.

(Also teaches new-bred Dedenne 'Volt Seed')


Awful Collar


A horrible collar that reduces friendship to its lowest

level and boosts the power of Frustration.

Does not revert back to previous friendship when



Mega Disc


A strange disc. Made to be held by Porygon-Z.

Allows Porygon-Z to Mega Evolve in an attempt to fix

the virus, but...


Comet Fossil


A strange fossil, not usually found native to this world.

These fossils are found in tiny meteorites that have

landed around the world. Most commonly in Kuria.


Light Bell


An item to be held by Symphy.

This bell reverbs Electric and Sound type attacks,

allowing them to hit twice.

(Also teaches new-bred Symphy 'Volt Wave')


Light Nut


An item to be held by Pachirisu.

The holder starts with boosted Defense & Special

Defense, but returns to normal upon getting hurt.

(Also teaches new-bred Pachirisu 'Volt Roll')


Choice Scope


Moves with 70 accuracy or higher will never miss, but

the holder will be locked into that move.

100% Accuracy moves have a higher crit chance.

Idea by Noah the Pangolin, @ShadowHex99


Friendly Collar


A pretty collar that doubles the rate Friendship

increases at, as well as giving Return a chance to

make your opponent infatuated.


Crushing Hammer


All of the user's attacks will reduce the PP of a move

used last by the opponent or at random if it has yet

to use any move by 4pp..

Item idea by @UltimateAbsol


Dizzy Specs


The user is unable to get confused by the opponent.

Does not prevent self-caused confusion


Iron Shell


Grants the holder complete immunity to Entry Hazards

and Weather Damage, but halves evasiveness.


Quick Switch


Allows you to switch out to another Pokémon and

immediately use a move with that Pokémon.

Only usable once per battle.

Item idea by PKMN-254, @PKMN254


Plate Body


Yes it's a physical version of the Assault Vest item.

By far the most requested item.


Revenge Belt


If the user gets hit by a Critical Hit, the user's next

attack is guaranteed to be a Critical Hit as well.

Idea by BERGMITE, @IcyEthics


Shoddy Slingshot


Projectile-based moves are guaranteed to flinch any

Pokémon, no matter what.

But the item breaks and can't be used afterwards.


Gloom Perfume


Other trainers will ignore you for 150 steps, unless

talked to. Does not bypass scripted battles.

Item idea by SparkedFires, @SparkedFires


Spritzee Perfume


For 200 steps, wild Pokémon will be significantly

more common.

Idea by WubbaG. @Wubba_G


Prismatic Ball


A Pokéball with a 2,5x catch rate. The color on top is

determined by the Pokémon's Primary Type.

Idea by CastleBuilder, @CastleBuilder36


Mundane Ball


0,1x Catch Rate on all Pokémon, with no additional

benefits and costs as much as a regular Pokéball.

The users of this ball tend to have an odd sense of 



Jingle Ball


Same catch rate as a normal ball, but 10x catch rate around Christmas.

Only obtainable in December.


New Items


Crystal Hammer


All of the user's moves are Super Effective against

Crystal Type Pokémon.

Idea by Zaazaa0, @Zaazaa0


Great Shield


Guarantees the success of a consecutive protection

move (like using Protect/Detect twice in a row) but

takes away the chance of a third one.

Idea by Pikachu Pizza, @PikachuPizza


Synchro Pendant


Boosts all of the holder's stats if all other Pokémon

in the party share a type. Even more so if all of them

are the exact same type. (Order doesn't matter)


Psycho Ball


A Pokéball with a 4x catch rate against Pokémon that

are confused, to reward taking a risk.

Idea by Rycar (Carson), @RycarFlareshine


Rich Ball


Same catch rate as a regular Pokéball, but costs

100,000 Pokédollars.

A Pokéball for people with too much money.