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New tools to catch new Pokémon with!


Prismatic Ball


A Poké Ball with a 2,5x catch rate. The color on top is

determined by the Pokémon's Primary Type.

Idea by CastleBuilder, @CastleBuilder36


Mundane Ball


0,1x Catch Rate on all Pokémon, with no additional

benefits and costs as much as a regular Poké Ball.

The users of this ball tend to have an odd sense of 



Jingle Ball


Same catch rate as a normal ball, but 10x catch rate around Christmas.

Only obtainable in December.


New Items


Psycho Ball


A Poké Ball with a 4x catch rate against Pokémon that

are confused, to reward taking a risk.

Idea by Rycar (Carson), @RycarFlareshine


Rich Ball


Same catch rate as a regular Poké Ball, but costs

100,000 Pokédollars.

A Poké Ball for people with too much money.


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